One of the best experiences of my life as a creative. I got to meet and direct Laurence Fishburne in a SuperBowl commercial, I use direct loosely as I directed him on the digital videos for the Superbowl ads. One moment during the shoot Laurence had his Morpheus glasses in his pocket while in full Morpheus attire he took them out of his pocket in front of me and didn't say anything, opened them up and I was like whoa. He still didn't say anything until he put them on his face. He looked up at me and said in his Morpheus voice "I'm here" and I was like what the what and looked around to see if anyone else just witnessed what I saw. Nobody was looking at the moment and I can honestly say being a Matrix fanboy was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Enjoy the videos below and remember that story as you see the glasses. He was a lovely guy and a story to tell the grandkids I guess. 🤓



David Angelo, Colin Jeffery, Kristian Moller, Mike Wilson, Courtney Pulver, Carl Erik Rinsch and Digital Domain.
@David&Goliath, Los Angeles