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As a creative, few moments top this. I had the privilege of directing Laurence Fishburne for a Super Bowl commercial's digital companion videos. On set, Laurence, in full Morpheus attire, casually pulled his iconic sunglasses from his pocket. Without a word, he unfolded them, raising an eyebrow in my direction. "Whoa," I thought, completely starstruck.

The silence continued until he placed the glasses on, looked up, and delivered that legendary voice: "I'm here." Glancing around, I half expected everyone else to be freaking out – did they just witness Morpheus himself appear before us? But no, the scene went unnoticed.

Let's just say, for this Matrix fanboy, it doesn't get cooler. Enjoy the videos below, and remember the story behind the shades. Laurence was not only an acting legend, but also a genuinely kind person. Guess I have a story to tell the grandkids, huh?



David Angelo, Colin Jeffery, Kristian Moller, Mike Wilson, Courtney Pulver, Carl Erik Rinsch and Digital Domain.
@David&Goliath, Los Angeles