Interactive Branding Agency | Scotch & Water | Birmingham, UK

Things can end badly backwards… That’s why the Astra comes with a smart reversing camera.

We told familiar fairy tales in reverse to illustrate that when you go backwards (reversing a car, say), things don’t always work out for the best. The ads took the form of animated films and radio spots, bringing wit and charm to what seems an extremely functional technology: a reverse parking camera. There was a very happy ending too, when the radio ads won a coveted Silver Lion at Cannes and the films achieved a bronze Clio.



Adrian Botan, Miguel Bemfica, Eduardo Battiston, Alberto Espeja, Rafael Merino, Pablo Camarero, Miguel Angel Donaire, Vince McSweeney, Nick Cooper, Joe Ivory, Jamie Buckingham, Vetor Zero/Lobo (Cinderella film production), Mach Studio (Ugly Duckling film production), Coffee&TV (Jack and the Beanstalk film production), Global Radio (audio production). @McCANN Birmingham, UK.