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It’s always a little awks to talk about yourself. There’s a fine line between showing experience and showing off, but here I am, with my brass, shiny trumpet, ready to blow. 
I’m humbled to have amassed 25 years in the creative industry & my career so far, has led me to numerous countries and cities to live, worldwide. From the historic streets of Boston to the vibrant energy of Los Angeles, the artistic flair of Düsseldorf, and to opulent (& extremely hot) Dubai. These experiences have granted me a truly diverse perspective. I've successfully managed teams at globally renowned agencies, of up to 40 talented individuals in the creative department. My leadership style is all about fostering collaboration, bringing out the best in my team members, and creating an environment where ideas flow & flourish. 
I consider myself to be a calm & modest person and I channel my dedication and talent into creating remarkable work and making the creative journey better. 
Better than the last time. 
I’m a fusion of a hip hop skater, listening to Jonny Cash in one ear and a comedy podcast in the other. There’s probably a bottle of hot sauce in my bag too because you never know when you might come across a Taco truck  🌮

Curriculum Vitae



Crumpton Oaks

We wanted to create standout from category norms – orchards, apple picking, rolling countryside. And as Crumpton is a little different, we wanted to tell their story differently. With humour, wit and of course, a track by NWA. It took me back to LA and I've always wanted to do a spot with NWA on the track. Dreams do come true 🙌🏼


Triumph Motorcycles, the epitome of power and style, have been redefining the world of two-wheeled mastery for decades. With a rich heritage rooted in British engineering excellence, Triumph motorcycles effortlessly combine cutting-edge technology with timeless design.


Greatness in the unseen.

Longines X Commonwealth Games

Longines has successfully partnered with 5 Olympians hailing from the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Australia. These athletes share their stories of dedication, while we showcase the precision of a timeless masterpiece.

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